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Denali Healthcare Specialists is a multidisciplinary medical practice specializing in neurology, pulmonology, and sleep medicine. By bringing together multiple specialties in one medical practice, we are able to offer patients the comprehensive care only attainable through the collaborative work of healthcare professionals expert in a range of complementary disciplines.

Disease often is not confined to one tissue or organ system; rather it often manifests itself in symptoms common to many pulmonary and neurologic disorders. By offering patients access to our team of physicians, board-certified in several key medical specialties, we believe that we can provide optimal care more efficiently and effectively than if each specialty were functioning alone.

Our mission is to provide compassionate, individualized and comprehensive care to the patients that we serve. We take great pride in the quality, skill and experience of our board-certified physicians, advanced practice providers, and administrative and clinical staff. We are here to serve you and assist you in resolving your healthcare needs. We strive to not only address your immediate health concerns but also to put you on the path to long-term health.

If you suspect that you have a neurologic, pulmonary, or sleep-related disorder, please contact us for an initial consultation. Our office practices are conveniently located in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Soldotna, Alaska. We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your optimal state of health. Call or click online to schedule an appointment today.



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